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Which one of the following do you most relate to?

  • Your child struggles with constipation, encopresis or poop accidents/leakage
  • Pee accidents after potty training
  • Change in diet and medications haven't helped your child's constipation
  • Your child strains/has pain with bowel movement or withholds poop
  • Your child doesn’t know when they are pooping or can't control it
  • Your child can’t seem to make it to the bathroom in time and/or struggles with urgency
  • Your child is bedwetting after the age of 5
  • Your child has started leaking pee when playing sports or laughing
  • Your child either frequenting the bathroom (>8 times a day) or rarely going (≤3 times a day)

"My infant has had difficulty with regular bowel movements since about three weeks old and often seems uncomfortable. Melissa provided us with a thorough evaluation and stretched/massaged areas of tightness and tension. She also showed me how I could perform the stretches and massages at home to continually help my daughter. Since seeing Melissa, my daughter has started having more frequent bowel movements and generally seems more comfortable! I cannot recommend her enough."

- Emily

Discover the Unexpected...

  • The average age for kids to have control over their bladder is 3 ½ years old.
  • 5-7 million kids in the U.S. struggle with bedwetting. It’s not often talked about, but you’re not alone and there are solutions to help.
  • Constipation is the #1 cause of Bedwetting
  • 1 out of every 20 pediatric doctor visits is due to constipation. You are not alone. It’s more common than people talk about.

If you are looking for a long-term and more natural solution so your child can enjoy what they love without the worry of leaking pee or poop, don’t delay any longer. Get your child the help he or she needs, find confidence and freedom from bowel and bladder challenges. Let's get started!

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If you are like many of the patients I work with, you have tried Miralax, behavior charts, and maybe even counseling. I know that you are struggling to find the right answers to help your child progress. We understand your concerns and fears, and we’re here to help you take that first step in getting the help your child needs!

We understand that your child’s symptoms may be embarrassing and hard to talk about. We want to LISTEN TO YOUR CONCERNS and worries so we can help you and your child build a foundation to grow! 

We want to put resources in YOUR hands so that you have the tools to continue to improve and help your child every step of the way. You might have a diagnosis or medical term for what’s going on with your child. Our goal is to find out WHY, so that we can move forward in healing and see progress in your child's bowel and bladder health.

We understand that you might be skeptical or unsure if physical therapy is the right treatment for your child. We’d love to talk about your concerns, talk about how physical therapy can help and see if we’re the best fit for you. We make therapy fun and make sure you and your child feel comfortable every step of the way!

Our GOAL is that your child can: Enjoy going to sleepovers, participate in activities with peers without fear, have successful bowel movements on the toilet pain-free and so much more!

We believe that physical therapy can help achieve improved bowel and bladder functioning, which in turn helps your child regain their independence and confidence!

What other parents, just like you, are saying about our one-on-one Physical Therapy...

"Melissa at Bloom did an amazing job in evaluating our child! She is highly professional, very compassionate, and truly an expert at pediatric physical therapy. My child immediately felt comfortable in her care. Thank you for doing such a great job in evaluating and preparing us for potty training readiness!"

- Audrey

"Dr. Melissa has been great with my daughter! She went in for issues we were having with toilet training, and in a fairly short time period they have almost completely resolved. She has given me techniques and tools to help my daughter, and my husband and I couldn’t be more grateful!

- Alyssa

Ready, Set, Let's GO! Exciting Times Ahead!

Let's help your child gain independence and confidence through physical therapy and help your child achieve improved bowel and bladder health!

We look at your child as a whole to see what the root cause is. We will evaluate core strength, balance, coordination, range of motion and more! So much can affect your child's ability to fully empty their pee and poop at the appropriate time.

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Investment to Help Your Child BLOOM and Improve Bowel and Bladder Health

Evaluation - $200
You Get: 60 minutes session

  • Full assessment to see where your child is and what is holding them back toward your goal
  • Education on our findings and how we plan to address them
  • Time for any and all questions you have
  • Targeted homework based on evaluation
  • Support from your physical therapist by text or email

Treatment Session - $150

You get: 50 minutes per session working toward your child's goals

  • Sessions that are fun & challenge your child at the same time
  • Updated targeted homework as appropriate
  • Education on how to help your child at home
  • Support between sessions from your physical therapy by text or email
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Do you have Questions?

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we get from parents like you!

"Everyone has told me Miralax is the only option. Is that true?"
There are a variety of supplements if your child needs them to help with gut movement and keeping poop soft. We have some more natural options that we often recommend.

"Is it invasive?"
Pediatric Pelvic Health therapy is different than post-partum. We do not perform any invasive procedures on evaluation or during treatment. We strive to make sure that you and your child are comfortable every step of the way. We do often need to look at the pelvic floor muscles and may observe your child toileting.
It is always optional.  And, it is always, always done with mutual consent from the parent and the child.  We will not do any internal exam or treatment. It never requires the child to be fully undressed and we provide covering to give them privacy.  

"How can I prepare my child for their first visit?"
Scheduling a PT visit for constipation, poop or pee leaks can feel overwhelming and scary. We know that you’ve been through a lot and walking into the unknown can add anxiety to an already tough issue.  Let us help uncover the mystery. You can tell your child your getting their body help so that they can control their pee and poop better.

When you come to see us for your first appointment there will start with lots of questions for both you and your child.  If your child is young, then there is a lot of playing while we talk.  We will look at strength, balance, coordination, how they sit on the potty and more. This is such a sensitive and vulnerable area and it is our top priority to ensure the child and parent feel safe and comfortable at all times.  

"Do I need a Doctors Referral before scheduling?"
No actually you don't. We can see you for an evaluation then we will reach out to your doctor to get a script. If you feel in your gut, that your child needs PT, make an appointment and come see us!

"How do you receive payment?"
You can pay through our secure portal by credit card, debit card, FSA or even HSA!

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