We Partner with Parents to Help Children Gain Confidence & Independence.

Through play, education, and physical therapy, we tackle gross motor milestones and constipation

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What is Different about Bloom?

We provide quality physical therapy that gets you the results you are looking for! What goal do you have for your child? On average we see patients 8 visits to meet their goals. You might be asking - how do they get fast results? By finding the root cause of why your child is having difficulty. Every child is different, unique and deserves that type of approach. We infuse hope in your journey and a toolbox of skills to use at home with your child.

The Bloom difference - we don’t see limitations, we see potential!

Our care is tailored to your child and delivered with compassion. Every visit is specific and intentional to get your child better, faster - Saving you time and money!  We are focused on what’s ahead, so that your child can become a functional, well supported adult in the future.

We believe all kids deserve excellent physical therapy and to be given the opportunity to BLOOM! The first Saturday of each month, we host a FREE CLINIC, as part of our vision that finances shouldn't limit a child receiving quality care.

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Hi, I'm Melissa! Nice to meet you. I am the Owner and a Physical Therapist here at Bloom. I'm obsessed with helping parents unlock their child's potential and accomplish their goals. Celebrating success with my patients is a pure joy and keeps me on a constant pursuit to find the best treatment for each child.

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We Offer a Hands-on Approach

Using our 3-Step Method

“Melissa at Bloom did an amazing job in evaluating our child! She is highly professional, very compassionate, and truly an expert at pediatric physical therapy. My child immediately felt comfortable in her care."

Audrey V.

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