At Bloom we don't see limitations,

we see potential!

  • Does your child stay in one position or is unable to move?
  • Do you find yourself concerned that your child isn’t where you think they should be or is having a hard time keeping up with their peers?
  • Does your child have poor endurance during an activity or find themselves very tired at school?
  • Are you looking for a way to help your child make progress in their development, but feel stuck in what to try next?

Many children struggle with developmental delay or progression of mobility. Parents can feel helpless because they’re often told…

  • “Wait and see.  They might catch up!” As parents, we know you want to be proactive! And research shows what an impact early intervention can have.

The Truth is....

  • Your baby isn’t lazy. There is a reason why they can’t change positions or move. This can be weakness, tightness or a variety of other things.  We are committed to finding out what that reason is.
  • Your child can regain movement, endurance and get back to the things they love after an illness or injury!

We partner with you to offer hope and give you the skills you need to help your child succeed, not just in therapy, but also at home, in school, or in their sport!

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Let us Help You Today!

  • We want to listen to your concerns and worries so we can help you and your child build a foundation to grow! 
  • We want to put resources in YOUR hands so that you have the tools to continue to improve and help your child every step of the way.
  • We use a full body approach for optimal results and our goal is to find the root cause of your child’s developmental delay, so we can use the best treatment plan for them. 
  • No matter the diagnosis or your child’s age we want to help your child move and achieve that next gross motor milestone - whether that is rolling, sitting, walking or jumping.

Are you ready?

Physical Therapy can help your child achieve improved movement, which in turns helps your child gain independence and confidence! Whether it's engaging with peers, building a foundation for the next skill or confidence to engage in play - we are help to help your child bloom.

At Bloom, you’re in great hands. We aspire to empower our patients and their families and celebrate success alongside them!

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